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iStick gives you the freedom and power to simply copy your media files to and from your iDevice without having to launch or deal with iTunes. Simply drag and drop your music into an appropriate folder on your iDevice and enjoy it right away.

The installation process is quite straight-forward - the program will install all the needed drivers and guide you through the process. However, you might want to check out the options available to you under custom installation on one of the screens of the installer.

Once you've installed the program, it prompts you to connect your iDevice to your Windows computer. The program was designed to manage multiple devices at once, you will just need to specify which folders from which device you wish to connect to your Windows computer. For example, if you wish to simplify the way you add music to your iDevice, then you need to mount the Music folder. It will make an additional drive available to you in My Computer. From here on, you can just copy entire music folders right onto that drive and it will be automatically added to your media library on your iDevice.

There is a similar approach for video clips, books, and other files. The program also allows you to use your iDevice as a USB stick, you can copy the information you need on your device, not what Apple might allow you to copy, hence giving you more ownership of your expensive device.

The trial period of the program allows you to copy only about 1GB of files to and from the device. You may increase this limit by another gigabyte when you like developer's Facebook page, which helps you to kill two birds with one stone - test this application a little more before buying it and letting all your friends know about it too. I am sure some of them will thank you for your post.

While this program does allow you to bypass the bulky and sometimes annoying iTunes, it does not have wireless copying capability. Having to connect your device by a wire is just a little outdated to my liking, but not necessarily a bad idea as it definitely increases the speed your files are getting copied to your iDevice. Therefore, the program is well worth 5 stars and worth for you checking it out.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • No iTunes needed to add more tracks
  • Great Windows integration (simple-to-use)
  • Multiple devices management


  • Does not sync wirelessly
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